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Harmony University announces returning faculty members

Join us in welcoming back our returning faculty members!

We are thrilled to share our roster of returning faculty and staff who taught with us last year... or perhaps for the last 25! These 38 rock stars are being joined by our first year class of 12 and our 8 returning faculty that have been away for a time. 


Please welcome back....

Coaching Track
Gary Plaag, DEAN
Steven Armstrong
Anthony Colosimo
Alex Rubin
Rich Knight
Marty Lovick
Gary Steinkamp
Carlos Barillo
David McEachern
Karen Breidert

Directors College
Don Campbell, DEAN
Jay Dougherty
Joe Cerutti
Lawrence Dodge
Kirk Young
Katie Taylor

Leadership College
Steve Denino, DEAN
Marty Monson
Steve Wyszomierski
Terry Reynolds
Paul Ellinger

Harmony College
Richard Lewellen, DEAN
Jay Krumbholz
Paul Olguin
Shane Scott
David Wright
Cindy Hansen-Ellis
Adam Scott
Steve Tramack
Tom Gentry
Theo Hicks

Vocal Instruction
Wayne Grimmer, DEAN
Steve Scott
Andrew Wheaton
Patty Leveille

Next Generation Chorus
Douglas Carnes, director

Men’s Honors Chorus
Robert Mance, director

Women’s Honors Chorus
Debbie Cleveland, director

A/V & Logistics (Non-Teaching)
Tim Brooks
Jeremy Gover
Mike Kelly
Larry Triplett
Steve Zorn

Ready to get smarter this July? Registration opens on January 15th!