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2018 grants focus on youth outreach

The good you do today in bringing music to young people translates into a future world of more…

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Rogue Valley Harmonizers step up to fill gaps in music education

No Strings Attached. Do what's needed. Start by listening. The Medford, Oregon, Rogue Valley…

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Outreach grants program now accepting proposals

Making a difference in people's lives takes place every time we sing. Beautiful harmony --> happy…

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BHS Outreach Grants applications will be accepted starting September 1; plan now to apply for 2017 projects

If you’re ready to make a difference in people’s lives through the joy of singing, the Barbershop…

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High school students learn barbershop harmony at Super Sing - The Portage County Gazette

Every outreach event is a media opportunity waiting to happen. The Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Chapter…

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You can make a difference in your community. And the Barbershop Harmony Society can help fund those  efforts.

Our Outreach Grants program supporting community music activities is now accepting applications.…

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Grant application window opens March 1

Outreach efforts of the Barbershop Harmony Society grew by 30% in 2014, and in 2015, Harmony…

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Grants webinar with Joe Cerutti available for replay

Joe Cerutti answers questions about a landmark opportunity for Barbershop Harmony Society chapters…